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ChoreoVideo.com was made possible through the Innovative Instruction Grant program sponsored by the Florida State University Center for Teaching and Learning. This site, created in 2007, was designed as a educational resources for shooting and editing dance for screen.

DanceDocumentation.comCapturing the Art of Motion addresses the urgent need in the dance field for documenting and preserving cultural expression as displayed in the form of concert dance. This site includes a look at dance-specific considerations for documentation projects and the development of new documentation models using video as a medium. The site explores how documentation, specifically geared toward capturing the detailed intent of choreographers, along with the mastery of camera skills, may result in higher quality contributions to our global dance archive. The content of this site is illustrated by examples of video work with the Paul Taylor Dance Company’s Repertory Preservation Project, works by Dan Wagoner, Nikolais/Louis Foundation for Dance, Inc., and other documentation projects. This site has been featured in Dance Heritage Coalition's publication, Documenting Dance - A Practical Guide.
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